Stew Peters Cancelled By Apple Podcasts

( Last week, Apple removed “The Stew Peters Show” from its podcast platform just a month after iHeartRadio did the same.

In a post on Telegram last Monday, Peters said Apple gave him no advanced notice of its decision nor did Apple provide any explanation for why his podcast had been dropped.

“The Stew Peters Show” had already been removed from Spotify and iHeartRadio for violating policies regarding COVID-19 misinformation.

In his Monday Telegram post, Peters accused Apple of being a pro-communist, pedophilia-enabling company that suppresses free speech, accusing the company of being a “disgusting extension of satan himself.”

At the time Apple dropped “The Stew Peters Show” podcast, it was ranked one of Apple’s top 10 political shows and had a large audience. The other top political podcasts on Apple include Tim Pool’s podcast and Steve Bannon’s War Room.

Spotify removed “The Stew Peters Show” last fall. His podcast was pulled from iHeartRadio last month over claims that Peters peddled “dangerous misinformation.” iHeartRadio also dropped Mojo Radio 5-0 after it refused to stop airing “The Stew Peters Show.”

Last August, Peters was permanently banned from Twitter over tweets he sent about two Australian children allegedly dying from complications caused by the COVID vaccine.

After he was removed from iHeartRadio, Peters accused both iHeartRadio and Spotify of accepting “blood money” by allowing pharmaceutical companies to advertise on their platforms. He said it was a “total disgrace” that they would accept advertising from companies that are killing people all over the world.

Accusing iHeartRadio and Spotify of “cowardice,” Peters said removing his podcast was a “slap in the face of liberty-loving people around the globe.”

“The Stew Peters Show” is now only available at Rumble and Red Voice Media.