Steve Bannon Takes On Liberal Star Who Now Has COVID

( Last Monday, CNBC host Jim Cramer announced on the air that he had tested positive for COVID-19 the previous Thursday.

Cramer, who is fully vaccinated and has received a booster shot, said he was to attend an event on Thursday that required a negative COVID test for entry, but his test came up positive. Though he said his symptoms were mild, Cramer said he isolated himself at home.

Cramer expressed frustration at the people who won’t get vaccinated, calling them arrogant and pathetic. He said if he could contract COVID when he is triple-vaccinated, imagine what would happen to someone who isn’t vaccinated.

After announcing his COVID-positive test on CNBC, Cramer tweeted that he decided to appear on television to show how people how quickly he recovered because he was vaccinated. He said if he hadn’t had three shots, he feared he would have gotten much sicker.

Cramer is the same guy who, in late November said the country had to start treating the COVID pandemic like a war. He said every American should be forced to get the vaccine and suggested that the government deploy the military to do it. He also said those who refuse to get vaccinated should be prepared to “prove your conscientious objector status in court.”

On hearing the news that Cramer tested positive, podcaster Steve Bannon took some time on his show to slam “goofball” Cramer over his November comments on using the military to carry out forced vaccinations.

Watch the clip HERE.