Steve Bannon Says MAGA Is “Coming For The Executive Branch”

( On his podcast last week, host Steve Bannon offered up some red meat for his fans, saying Republicans will destroy the Democrat Party in the 2022 Midterm elections and will win a 100-seat majority in the House.

Bannon said Republicans would defeat the Democrats in local elections like school boards, county seats, on the state level. He predicted Republicans would win a “one hundred seat majority” in the House and would retake the majority in the Senate.

Then he claimed that after Republicans retake Congress, they were going to “come for the executive branch,” including Merrick Garland “and all of them.” Saying it would be like a “star chamber every day,” Bannon predicted it would begin with the impeachment of President Biden.

Watch HERE.

Bannon’s prediction may be wishful thinking. By all indications, it is doubtful the Republicans will flip enough seats to gain a one hundred seat majority in the House.

The Cook Political Report recently estimated the “more likely scenario” will be Republicans gaining between 15 and 25 seats in November’s election.

But according to Washington Post columnist Henry Olson, the Cook Report could be underestimating the number of seats the Republicans could gain. Olson wrote on Friday that it is more likely as many as 40 seats could flip red in November.

In the 1994 Republican blow-out, the GOP gained 54 seats. In the 2010 Tea Party Midterms, Republicans flipped 63 seats.

Some believe the 2022 Midterms are on track to follow the trend set in 1994 and 2010, estimating the Republican wave could flip as many as sixty seats. But even by this high estimate, a 100-seat majority isn’t in the cards.