Steve Bannon Says Big News Coming In Arizona

( Former advisor to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, invited famed Texas attorney Sidney Powell onto his “War Room” podcast this week, and they both revealed something amazing.

Bannon said that big news will be coming out of Arizona…in a matter of days.

It comes as independent professional auditors finish up a forensic examination of the ballots cast in the presidential election in Arizona. The results are widely expected to be released soon, and to show the extent of the fraud or misconduct that is believed to have taken place in the state.

During the show, Bannon also stressed the importance of all battleground states – where the margin of victory was small enough to be affected by fraud – to conduct their own forensic audits to determine whether Joe Biden really was the legitimate winner of the last election.

“We absolutely must have them,” Powell said about continued forensic audits.

She also added that more money is needed to wrap up the Arizona audit, and said that is taking funds that will be given directly to the audit.

Powell added that countless states have sent dignitaries and officials to see how they are doing it so they can replicate it in their states. She also said that it is the “gold standard” of audits and that more audits must take place as the American people are entitled to the truth.

“I don’t care how far back it goes, we have got to find out, and we have to protect our sacred vote,” she said, before adding that we don’t have a republic without the rule of law.

This doesn’t sound like people trampling on democracy, does it? Democrats have done nothing but wrongly claim that Republicans are trying to damage democracy in the United States through these audits, but in the interview – which you can see below – Powell strongly defended America’s democratic principles.

We can’t be sure what this big news coming out of Arizona is…but we can take a guess…