Steve Bannon Reveals Huge News About Election Analysis In Georgia

( On Friday, former adviser to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, spoke to radio host John Fredericks about a bill signed into law in Georgia the day before. Bannon’s discussion with Fredericks revealed the flaws of the new law, but also some of the incredible benefits the legislation offers over existing election laws.

Fredericks said the legislation was “not perfect” but a “good start” and praised the “courageous” Republicans in the state of Georgia for passing the bill. It means that, in future Georgia elections, voters will be required to show their ID when voting absentee, and it eliminates signature matching – two of the worst flaws in the election of 2020.

“We didn’t get everything we wanted,” Fredericks added.

The radio host also speculated, however, that had the laws been passed in 2019 then the 2020 presidential and Senate elections may have been different.

“Not even close,” Bannon said about the possibility. “Donald Trump would be in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and two senators in there,” he added, referencing the two Republican senators who lost their seats in Congress in the Senate runoff race of January this year.

“Trump would have won big,” Fredericks added.

Democrats seem to realize that the new legislation threatens their dominance on the voter fraud market, with votes cast by illegal aliens overwhelmingly in favor of their party.

When Republican Governor Brian Kemp was signing the new legislation into law during a ceremony in his office, Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon, a Democrat, protested outside of his door and repeatedly demanded to be let in. She was eventually arrested and removed from the scene, but not without much fanfare from Democrats who called the legislation an act of voter “suppression.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that “anyone who saw that video would have been deeply concerned,” referencing the video of Cannon being arrested, and expressed the White House’s anger that the law was signed.

Why don’t Democrats want secure elections?

During the interview with Bannon, Fredericks said that Georgia’s new law should now be used as a “blueprint” for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and other states that suffered issued with voter fraud in the last election.