Steve Bannon Notifies Fans That “Evil” Is Coming Soon

( The UK Independent is clutching its pearls over comments podcaster Steve Bannon made on his “War Room” podcast last week.

During his podcast on Monday, Bannon said that “we” will “take over the election apparatus.” And naturally, the Independent views this effort to get conservatives involved in local election offices and committees as something nefarious and evil, describing Bannon’s comment as an attempt to “derail US democracy.”

Congressman Jim Banks was right when he said the Democrats and the media have turned this podcaster with no power into the boogeyman.

The Independent believes that Bannon encouraging his listeners to get involved in politics on the local level is a “plan to hijack America’s democracy.”

So citizen involvement in local elections is hijacking democracy? These people are insane.

The Independent quotes a law professor who told CNN that Steve Bannon is “creating an army of duped people” who are getting involved in elections on the precinct level and they all believe the 2020 election was stolen.

So what? There are people involved in local precincts who believe requiring ID to vote is a form of Jim Crow.

Then the Independent points out that Bannon’s call for people to get involved in precinct politics is similar to the “extremist right-wing” running for their local school boards because they oppose mask mandates and the “culture war boogeymen like Critical Race Theory.”

How is it “democracy” for the UK Independent to conclude that only certain people who have certain beliefs are allowed to participate in the democratic process? This article argues against itself.

The Independent then shifts gears to the January 6 melee at the Capitol. It accuses Steve Bannon of being the “mastermind” of the January 6 attack, citing a recent post on Telegram by Roger Stone who said Bannon was the one who gave the order to “breach” the Capitol. Stone called Bannon a “neophyte” who was willing to do crazy things to “curry favor with Trump,” whom Stone said has “no interest in Bannon’s bullsh*t.”