Stephen Colbert Wants Laws Changed to Make Self-Defense Illegal

( Hollywood is taking Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal about as well as you’d expect. Like their compatriots in the news media and the Democrat Party, these guys can’t believe that defending yourself from people who want to kill you should be allowed.

Not only do they want to “defund the police” they also want to make it illegal for American citizens to step into the breach and defend themselves. It’s all of a piece. Get rid of the cops, ban guns, release criminals back onto the streets, and change the laws so that innocent people have no recourse against violent crime.

This week, late-night host Stephen Colbert joined the chorus of pro-criminal bigmouths when during his monologue, he griped about Rittenhouse being found not guilty based on self-defense.

To Colbert’s way of thinking, if you can defend yourself against people trying to kill you and not go to jail, the solution is to make it illegal to defend yourself against people trying to kill you.

Colbert, attempting to recount the facts of the case (and failing), said that Rittenhouse was found not guilty after he was accused of “crossing state lines,” then “killing two people and wounding another” during what Colbert described as a “protest.”

Then Colbert, saying the only truthful thing in his entire monologue, added “I’m not a legal expert.”

Explaining that he couldn’t say whether or not Rittenhouse broke the law, Colbert said if he didn’t break the law, then the law should be changed.

“That seems simple,” Colbert added.

The only thing that “seems simple” here is Stephen Colbert.

And of course, his audience of slack-jawed dopes applauded wildly at the thought of making it illegal for Americans to defend themselves.


To Colbert, Americans having the right to preserve and protect their own lives is proof that “the system is broken.”

Colbert wants to deprive Americans of their civil rights all because a trial didn’t go his way and he’s miffed about it.

And idiots like him call Trump supporters a threat to the country.