State Department Issues Warning About China’s Nuclear Arsenal

( When it comes to China, President Joe Biden says and does one thing, while the State Department and other government officials do another.

According to the Washington Post, officials from the United States State Department are growing increasingly concerned about China’s development of its military and nuclear arsenal. Specifically, the Department of State is concerned at the speed of the expansion of the Chinese nuclear arsenal, which could either indicate that China is planning further confrontation, or that they believe confrontation is happening whether they plan it or not.

On Thursday, Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department, urged China to stop the progress being made and reduce its nuclear arsenal.

Does he think they’re going to listen to that?

The Post reported how officials in China have begun constructing one hundred additional missile silos in the Western region of the country, which is mostly made up of desert.

The reports, Price said, suggest that the People’s Republic of China will build a nuclear arsenal more quickly and to a higher level than they had previously anticipated.

He said that the progress is concerning and raises questions about what the Chinese Communist Party intends to do with them. He also said it reinforces the importance of pursuing new measures – practical measures – to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict.

Doesn’t it sound like these guys could have benefitted from listening to everything former President Donald Trump said about China?

Price also pressed how important it is that the United States and China engage in talks to avoid miscalculations, but didn’t explain how he believes the United States can force China to be honest in any claims or agreements that they make.

With China’s military and economic strength growing at record speed, and the United States economy flagging because of President Joe Biden’s mismanagement, what hope do we have to stop Chinese Communists from establishing a new world superpower?