State Department Agrees To Give New York Times Its Emails About Hunter Biden

( Now that Joe Biden has been dragged over the finish line and occupies the White House, the New York Times isn’t afraid to delve into Hunter Biden’s dirty business dealings.

Last week, the State Department finally relented to a New York Times FOIA request and agreed to turn over emails related to Hunter Biden next month.

Times reporter Kenneth Vogel had filed two FOIA requests with the State Department looking for emails dating from 2015 to 2019. The State Department slow-walked the request, telling the paper to expect an answer in April 2023. So the Times sued the State Department and State caved.

Vogel was looking to obtain emails related to “the possible improper use of federal government resources.” He had also requested records pertaining to former FBI director Louis Freeh, who gave Biden a $100,000 gift as well as records pertaining to Rudy Giuliani who was looking into Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine.

Vogel also wanted records from Mark Gitenstein, currently Biden’s ambassador to the EU who at the time of Hunter’s emails was US ambassador to Romania.

The State Department denied it was slow-walking the FOIA request. But just one day before the March 17 hearing of the New York Times’ lawsuit, State finally agreed to provide them with the first batch of records by April 28.

Meanwhile, on the same day State caved, the New York Times published an extensive report on the federal probe into Hunter Biden that confirmed the authenticity of Hunter’s infamous abandoned laptop that was first reported by the New York Post in October 2020.

Now, the New York Times article isn’t specifically about the abandoned laptop. The article is more broadly about the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden and how even after paying off a tax liability of $1 million, he is still under active investigation by the Justice Department.

According to the Times report, as part of their investigation into Hunter Biden, federal prosecutors have scrutinized emails between Hunter and his business associates that came from the “laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.”

The Times reports that “people familiar” with the emails have confirmed the authenticity of the abandoned laptop.

So after nearly a year and a half pretending the abandoned laptop was “Russian disinformation,” the New York Times finally confirms that it isn’t.

It makes you wonder why, all of a sudden, Hunter Biden is fair game.