Soros Dumps $100+ Million In Attempt To Push Radical Democrat Agenda

( George Soros, the far-left philanthropist known for pumping millions of dollars into the most extreme left-wing causes and organizations across Western countries, has reportedly given $125 million to a new super PAC this election cycle to help Democrats maintain control of Congress in this year’s midterm elections.

The super PAC, named “Democracy PAC,” has been active since 2019 and was used to support a number of different political and election campaigns since its founding. It helps the Democrats fight in the 2020 presidential election and now, he says, the group will support “causes and candidates, regardless of political party” that are committed to “strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy.”

He listed that “infrastructure” as including civil participation, civil rights, the rule of law, and voting rights. None of these things are infrastructure, of course, but it sounds good and it might just help Democrats pass extreme “infrastructure” budgets that contain funding for extreme-left political projects too.

The $125 million endowment was described by Soros as a “long-term investment” that will support politicians not just during the 2022 midterms but long afterwards, too. The announcement coincided with a notice that is son, Alexander Soros, will serve as the president of the PAC.

After being filed with the Federal Elections Commission, we will at least know exactly how the money from the fund will be spent – meaning we’ll know which candidates are bought and paid for by the most dangerous “philanthropist” in history.