Socialist AOC Wears $14,000 Designer Clothes On Vanity Fair Magazine Cover

( Radical socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez embodied the “champagne socialist” meme recently when she appeared on the front cover of Vanity Fair magazines wearing clothes that cost more than what some workers make in six months. Ocasio-Cortez wore designer clothes valued at roughly $14,000 for the photoshoot that was accompanied by a positive article and interview about her life.

Fox News reported that the extreme-left legislator, who has previously complained about politicians being beholden to Wall Street, was also gifted a suit from designer brand Loewe which costs $3,850. In total, all the clothes she wore during the suit were worth $14,000.

The Daily Mail reported how in one section of the interview published in the December issue of the magazine, AOC said that “dressing the part has been an unexpected struggle” but that she also sees it as a “way to connect with constituents.”

She made the claim while wearing a dress that cost $800 and earrings valued at $1,450.

Connecting with the constituents?

Republican Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert tweeted a Fox News report on the story, asking AOC what brand of socialism supports her wearing of expensive designer suits.

“I wonder what brand of socialism allows you to get a $14,000 suit for Vogue photoshoots,” she said.

“See you soon, Alexandria. Looking forward to dismantling your socialist agenda in my finest Macy’s clothes like normal working people,” she added.

Some Democrats attempted to justify the wearing of the suits by either saying she doesn’t get to keep the clothes or by noting that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are much wealthier than her and spend millions on luxuries.

The difference? President Donald Trump is not calling himself a socialist.