Sidney Powell Is Facing Another Lawsuit By Smartmatic

( Sidney Powell, the famed Texas lawyer who defended former President Donald Trump’s efforts to secure election integrity in the wake of the 2020 election, is still facing major legal woes over her claims that Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems were responsible for the rigging of the last presidential election.

Smartmatic is reportedly still pursuing the case it filed against Powell and former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani last year. The only difference now is that the case will be moving ahead in a completely different court.

Some parts of the case were thrown out by Judge David B. Cohen of the New York State Supreme Court in March of this year. He dismissed the accusations made against Powell but not on meritorious grounds. Instead, the judge said that the court has no jurisdiction over the Texas lawyer. Attorneys representing Smartmatic attempted to keep the case in New York by arguing that her comments were linked to the state of New York.

Now, Smartmatic is going ahead with a second lawsuit filed against Powell in Washington, D.C. last year.

A spokesperson from Smartmatic said recently that they were considering appealing the ruling in New York, but have since decided to pursue the D.C. case instead.

“Plaintiffs do not intend to pursue an appeal of Powell’s dismissal from the New York Action for lack of personal jurisdiction,” a representative stated.

According to the latest court filings, Powell is expected to respond to the suit by May 6.

Dominion Voting System has also filed a similar suit in Washington, D.C.

It means that Powell now has a huge battle on her hands, defending her work, her support of fair elections, and her reputation as a lawyer.

Powell has said that she looks forward to presenting evidence that supports her claims against the two companies, however.

We’ll report back with more news on the case.