Sidney Powell Files Huge Lawsuit Against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

( Fames Texas attorney Sidney Powell has been defamed and smeared ever since she chose to stand up and present the evidence of widespread election fraud and misconduct, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing her job.

Powell is back, and this time, she’s defending Air Force officers who are being forced to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Affidavits from a lawsuit filed by Powell, representing unnamed military personnel from Hurlburt Field and Eglin Air Force Base, have been released and provide a shocking insight into the pressure being placed on American military officers.

The case was brought by 16 military officers, and the affidavits insist that it is morally wrong for them to be forced by the United States military to take a vaccine that is, in the eyes of many, still an experimental vaccine. One female Air Force officer at Hurlburt Field said that she was ordered to take the vaccine on September 10 and that she would be discharged if she does not take it by September 30. She decided not to request a religious exemption, adding in her affidavit that she does not believe she should be forced to pursue an exemption since the only vaccines available were offered under emergency use authorization – meaning they have not been tested for potential long-term effects.

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Another plaintiff in the case, from Fort Walton Beach, explains how he objected to taking a vaccine approved for emergency use but eventually relented because of the pressure. He said that he only took the vaccine because he was threatened with “full force removal.”

“I now have suffered actual injury because I cannot undue [sic] receiving the vaccine, despite the fact that I have multiple concerns over it, including religious and medical,” the affidavit explains.

Another plaintiff in the case, who is also an Air Force officer from Fort Walton Beach, explained that he contracted COVID-19 in October of last year, and despite being tested and finding that he still had a high number of antibodies protecting him, he was still told he must take the vaccine.

This case filed by Sidney Powell could be just as important as her efforts to secure election integrity and fight fraud.