Severe Tornado Kills Toddler and Injures Five Others in Maryland

A 2-year-old child was killed, and his mother was wounded after a tornado caused a tree to fall on their home in suburban Detroit. Meanwhile, emergency officials in Maryland were attending accounts of collapsed houses with people stuck inside following a tornado in the area.

According to authorities, a colossal tree was forcibly removed from the ground and collapsed into the residence of the family, penetrating the roof and ultimately falling on the bed where the lady and her 2-year-old child were resting. For about an hour, the crew diligently labored to dismantle the roof and some sections of the tree, then hoisting the tree to extricate the victims.

According to authorities, the youngster was declared deceased at the location. The mother was sent to a nearby hospital in a critical state.

A two-week-old sibling, who was in a different room, was unharmed but sent to the hospital for an assessment.

According to authorities, the warning sirens in the city of Livonia are activated in response to warnings received from the National Weather Service. Nevertheless, Livonia Emergency Preparedness Director Brian Kahn said that the town was not provided with any prior notification from the government or any other sources.

City authorities said that a weather service agent referred to the storm as a “spin-up” storm, which their radars did not detect in a timely manner to give a warning.

The National Weather Service officially verified on social media that a tornado of EF1 intensity, with a maximum wind speed of 95 mph, passed near Livonia. The agency said that the tornado followed a trajectory of more than 5 miles, displacing and destroying trees and damaging many residences.

Meanwhile, in Maryland, emergency responders promptly addressed reports of individuals being trapped inside fallen buildings after a tornado went through the area during a series of intense storms.

The NWS issued a social media post alerting residents in the Montgomery County suburban region northwest of Washington to seek shelter due to the sighting of a tornado.  Local television video showed substantial fallen trees that caused damage to buildings upon impact.