Senate Intel Chair Warner: Need to Use ‘All Forms of Pressure’ on Xi over ‘Alliance’ with Putin

( During an appearance on MSNBC last Thursday, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Virginia Democrat Mark Warner suggested what the thought President Biden should discuss with China’s President Xi Jinping when they spoke last Friday.

Warner told “MTP Daily” host Chuck Todd that Biden should warn Xi about continuing his alliance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying “we need to bring all forms of pressure to bear.”

Warner said “what we have heard” is China’s economic advisors are concerned that this alliance isn’t between China and Russia as much as it is between Xi and Putin.

Todd asked Warner if he thinks it is good news that President Xi agreed to speak with Biden and if Warner sees it as a sign that Xi is willing to take “a half-step away from Putin?”

What a dumb question. How would Mark Warner know what President Xi Jinping is thinking?

Warner told Todd that he has no direct insight into what Xi was thinking (good for him). However, he knows relations between the US and China have been “rocky.” He said China craves stability and right now we’re heading into an “extraordinarily unstable period.”

Given all that, Warner concludes that it is a good sign that Xi is taking Biden’s call.

Watch the segment HERE.

According to the White House readout for last Friday’s zoom call between Biden and Xi, the president “described the implications and consequences if China provides material support to Russia” in its war against Ukraine.

However, the White House did not offer specifics about what those “implications and consequences” would be.