Senate Confirms Eco-Terrorist to Lead Bureau of Land Management

( Despite her previous involvement with eco-terrorists, the Senate last week confirmed Tracy Stone-Manning as Director of the Bureau of Land Management.

Voting along party lines, the Senate approved her nomination 50 to 45. This despite months of fiery criticism and opposition over her far left radical past, including repeated calls that President Biden withdraw her nomination and choose someone else.

In 1993, Tracy Stone-Manning was given immunity for her testimony that in 1989 she retyped and sent an anonymous letter to the US Forest Service on behalf of her former roommate John P. Blount.

The letter Stone-Manning sent informed the Forest Service that 500 pounds of tree spikes had been jammed into the trees of an Idaho forest.

Tree spiking is a dangerous tactic used by eco-terrorists where metal rods are inserted into trees to prevent them from being cut down. When saws strike these spikes, they can often kick back or explode injuring the workers operating them. In one such incident, a mill worker’s jaw was split in two from the exploding saw.

The letter Stone-Manning typed claimed the trees were marked so no workers would be injured and so “you assholes know they are spiked.” The letter closed with a post-script reading “You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt.”

When she testified in court, Stone-Manning claimed to be “somewhat shocked” by the letter Blount wanted her to type, but she rented a typewriter and did it anyway. John Blount was sentenced to 17 months in prison after being convicted of spiking trees.

Though she was never personally charged with a crime, the lead investigator on the case said Stone-Manning stonewalled the investigation and only agreed to cooperate after she was told she would not be indicted.

Republicans accused Stone-Manning of lying to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee when she said on her questionnaire that she had never knowingly been under federal investigation.

Stone-Manning’s nomination was stuck in Limbo after the committee vote to advance her to the full Senate deadlocked. But on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer bypassed the committee and placed her nomination before the full Senate for a vote.