Secret Suburban Women Support For Trump REVEALED At “Silent No More” Connecticut Rally

( The media and the Democrats love to say that the president struggles to win and maintain the support of suburban women voters, but a rally held in Connecticut by suburban women proved the narrative wrong. Holding signs that read “Silent No More,” a crowd of 350 suburban women voters and other activists gathered in Greenwich, Connecticut, on Sunday.

Attendees met at the parking area of Island Beach at Interstate 95, after the event was organized by the Make America Great Women’s Group on Facebook.

The Gateway Pundit reported how the Trump campaign had no involvement with the event, having been organized entirely by passionate Trump voters in a part of the state that isn’t thought to lean towards the president.

“This is a phenomenon being played out all across the country, and it’s one we’ve never witnessed in our political history,” a reporter from the outlet who attended the rally said.

“The rally started in Greenwich, Connecticut, and travelled about twenty miles out I-95 and back. This is deep-blue Connecticut, by the way. No Trump yard signs anywhere. And yes, we got the finger a few times, but the overwhelming reaction from others was wildly supportive. Hundreds of cars honked in approval. Scores of people waved excitedly from overpasses or by intersections.”

Erin Chang, an organizer for the event, told the Connecticut Post that the “Silent No More” signs held by attendees referred to the “silent majority” that supports President Trump.

“We are here in support of freedom and we are a positive force. We’re not negative at all … This all started with two or three women for Trump and it just grew. The women in the suburbs and the women in Greenwich do support Donald Trump,” she said.

“It doesn’t feel like America anymore. That’s what’s so scary. The silent majority can’t voice their opinions. I couldn’t even post things with my own name. Being here and being a part of this, you feel invigorated,” she added.

Just how many more suburban women are there out there who are too afraid to admit that they support the president, over fears of a violent backlash from left-wing extremists and Democrat voters?