Secret Service Honors San Mateo Digital Specialist For Amazing Work

( The US Secret Service presented a plaque to a digital forensic specialist from the San Mateo, California Police Department for completing a record number of forensic exams.

Last year, Annette Bingham completed a record 426 forensic exams with 56.18 terabytes of data, leading the 60 law enforcement agencies that partnered with the Secret Service’s Northern California Cyber Fraud Task Force.

The second-place finisher completed 229 total forensic exams with 31.22 terabytes of data.

Bingham, who was hired by the San Mateo Police Department in 2015, was presented with the Forensic Partner Award earlier this month by two special agents from the US Secret Service.

The San Mateo Police said in a statement that computers and other electronic devices have become facilitators of criminal activity. These devices yield immense information and can provide investigators with critical information like a suspect’s location, intent, as well as photos or videos of the actual crime.

Bingham joined the San Mateo police to assist in dealing with the increasing number of digital devices obtained as evidence in criminal investigations.