Sean Hannity Tops Tucker’s Guest Host In Ratings

( Sean Hannity finally managed to beat out Tucker Carlson in the ratings game last Friday. Well, that’s not technically true. Hannity’s show topped “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” but Tucker Carlson was off on Friday and a guest-host subbed for him. So in reality, Sean Hannity didn’t beat Tucker; he beat somebody named Will Cain.

But even with a guest-host, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was still pretty darn close to beating Hannity. Friday’s Hannity drew 3.02 million viewers while Will Cain’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” drew 2.94 million viewers. Not too shabby for a guest-host nobody’s ever heard of.

But in the coveted 25-54 age group advertisers love, Cain beat Hannity 456,000 to 417,000.

Neither, however, was able to stop the Fox News juggernaut “The Five.” Fox’s early evening ratings giant was number one again last Friday with 3.29 million views. In the 25-54 age group, “The Five” scored 504,000 viewers.

“The Five” has grown so wildly popular, the competing shows from CNN and MSNBC have no hope of catching up. On Tuesday, November 9, “The Five” scored five times as many viewers as Jake Tapper’s 5:00 pm segment of “The Lead.”

Now, that’s just embarrassing.

Tuesday’s installment of “The Five” racked up 3.17 million viewers while poor Jake Tapper came in with an abysmal 630,000 viewers. In fact, Tapper was far closer to Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show” than he was to “The Five.” Chris Salcedo had 271,000 viewers.

Tucker Carlson topped the ratings on Tuesday, pulling in 3.488 million viewers. “The Five” came in second and Hannity landed in third place.