Sean Hannity Says He Will Vape Even If It Means Being Arrested On Live TV

( Last week, the FDA announced that it was pulling the e-cigarette brand Juul off the market. Fortunately for Juul, a court granted a last-minute temporary stay on the FDA order allowing time for the court to hear arguments against the FDA’s order.

But when the Wall Street Journal initially reported that the FDA was poised to kill Juul’s business, Fox News host Sean Hannity vowed that the FDA can take his Juul device from his cold, dead hands.

Okay, not really.

Hannity invited Fox’s Trace Gallagher on his show Wednesday night to recap the ongoing controversy between Juul and federal regulators, noting that Juul can appeal the FDA ruling (it did).

Hannity declared that if the FDA bans Juul products, he will vape “live on TV” and they can come to arrest him.

In its filing last week, Juul argued that the FDA’s decision to pull its products from the market was “arbitrary and capricious and lacks substantial evidence.”

It’s also possible that the Big Pharma-linked FDA is trying to squeeze out smoking cessation options to force consumers to use pharmaceutical companies’ products like the patch and nicotine gum. But that’s just conjecture.

However, Juul accounts for about half of the e-cigarette market, so killing its business certainly would benefit pharmaceutical companies, not to mention the tobacco industry – two industries that spend millions lobbying Washington.

Hannity also noted the irony that the Biden FDA is trying to ban vaping while Democrats are decriminalizing drugs like marijuana.

The Biden administration also recently provided free crack pipes to addicts.