Sean Hannity Demands Answers About New York Times

( Fox News anchor Sean Hannity thinks it’s time for the New York Times to own up to its complicity in pushing the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, writing in an opinion piece this week that the newspaper has never been held accountable for stalking and smearing former President Donald Trump and his family.

He said that the paper must also be held accountable for promoting conspiracy theories and baseless smears against the former president, citing how the dossier pushed by former British spy Christopher Steele – which formed the basis and the origin of the Mueller investigation into the collusion accusations – has proven to be “salacious,” funded by the DNC, and inaccurate.

Hannity said that both Steele and a “sub source” claimed themselves that the information found within it was unverified, but that newspapers like the New York Times went ahead and reported n it as though it was fact anyway.

And, according to several reports, the contents of the dossier formed part of a disinformation campaign from Russians – which is precisely the opposite of what the New York Times and the Democrats claimed.

He berated the New York Times and its team of journalists for choosing to go “all in” o the Russia-Trump collusion hoax instead of using their time to investigate the links between Christopher Steele and the Clinton campaign, and the abuse of power from the FISA court.

Hannity named Times columnists Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman. He slammed Haberman for winning a Pulitzer Prize off the back of her reporting on Russian disinformation.

Can you believe that? Reporters who attempt to talk about evidence of election fraud and misconduct are silenced and mocked, but those pushing Russian disinformation campaigns…get rewarded.

In the piece, which you can read here, Hannity had a few questions for the Times. He asked whether they acknowledge that the Steele dossier was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and whether they believe premeditated fraud was committed on the FISA court.

But let’s be honest here…the Times won’t be answering those questions, and they probably don’t even care about the answers anyway.