Sean Hannity Cheers Joe Biden

( The Fox News host, Sean Hannity, has made it a habit to make fun of President Joe Biden, humiliatingly referring to him as a “sippy cup” in an attempt to poke fun at the rumored cognitive deterioration he is experiencing.

But behind Sean Hannity’s obviously sarcastic tone, there is no disputing that he concedes that Joe Biden had a successful night when he delivered the State of the Union address on Tuesday. According to a number of reports, the president’s speech to a joint session of Congress came across as combative and forceful.

During the course of the broadcast, Hannity made light of Biden’s performance by joking that “we should be popping champagne” (because he stayed awake.) And even though he was trying to make fun of Biden’s public speaking style, which is characterized by many pauses, he did admit that the President’s performance on Tuesday was a reasonably solid one.

Geraldo Rivera made the following observation to Stephen Miller, his fellow panelist: “the story, I thought, from the State of the Union was that cognitive decline did not show up, that Joe Biden was there, he was confident…”

When Rivera said those words, Hannity interrupted, practically clapping his hands and said, “Let me give a hand to Joey. He did good. Had he had one good night, Geraldo, goodie for him. I’m really happy for him.”

“That is a big concession, Sean!” Geraldo fired back, and Hannity added an additional layer of sarcasm to the conversation by noting, “he was somewhat lucid. What a miracle!”

Even a sardonic admission that a political opponent did a decent job is worthy of note in this day and age when so many opinion-based cable news programs are strongly biased, and there are so many such shows.

But the point Hannity makes is clear. Geraldo suffers from being enamored with normalcy because he has such low expectations of the octogenarian Biden. He’s lauded for being average.