Schiff Threatens Contempt Charges for Noncooperation in Jan 6 Probe

( Last Tuesday, in the lead up to the House Select Committee on January 6 issuing its first round of subpoenas, select committee member and House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff warned that those who refuse to cooperate with the investigation into the 3-hour melee at the Capitol could face criminal contempt charges.

Schiff said that while they don’t expect the Justice Department to give them a “blank check,” DOJ officials have indicated that they’ll be much more cooperative in congressional investigations than they were under the Trump administration.

Calling this sign from the Biden Justice Department “very encouraging,” Schiff suggested that those who defy subpoenas might face contempt charges. He also admitted that he expects “members of the past administration” to refuse to cooperate with the committee.

On Thursday, the January 6 select committee issued subpoenas to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, former Pentagon official Kash Patel, longtime Trump aide Dan Scavino and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

In his letters to the four, select committee Chair Bernie Thompson (D-MS) alleged that the committee had “credible evidence” that these Trump aides were involved in the events of January 6.

But the “credible evidence” cited is laughable to say the least.

Thompson cites a mixture of news reports as well as full passages from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new anti-Trump book “Peril” as “proof” that Meadows, Patel, Scavino and Bannon were involved in the so-called “insurrection.”

If there was any doubt that this partisan select committee is a media-driven farce, citing news reports and a hit-job book as the pretense for subpoenas pretty much removes all doubt.

In response to his subpoena, Kash Patel objected to the fact that the select committee completely skipped “voluntary cooperation” and went straight to subpoenas.

Well, of course they did.

What plays better in the media? “We asked Kash Patel to appear and he said yes” or “We have issued a subpoena to Kash Patel and if he doesn’t cooperate, we’ll file charges of contempt.”

This is entirely about how this “investigation” plays in the media.

It is a made-for-TV sideshow, nothing more.