San Francisco Voters Oust Leftist School Board Members in Landslide Recall Election

( You might assume that San Francisco is so far gone that Woke extremism is there to stay…but apparently the people may have finally had enough.

Voters in the California city have reportedly removed three far-left school board members from their position in a recall election – the first to take place in the city since 1983. The recall election was hugely successful, and the election results shared by the San Francisco Department of Elections show roughly three times as many people voted in favor of removing the school board members as those who voted for them to stay.

94,682 parents voted “yes” (that they should be removed) and just 31,575 voted “no” for board member Allison Collins. Virtually identical results were seen for Gabriela Lopez and Faauuga Moliga.


So who are they?

Put simply, they are three school board members who caused anger among parents when they plotted to rename 44 schools in the city in the name of diversity. Some of the schools that would have been renamed under the plans were already named after George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

And despite criticism from parents, the school board went ahead with the plans in January this year anyway – before it was scrapped last-minute. The schools were also closed from March 2020 to August 2021, giving parents even more of a reason to remove the school board members.

If parents are standing up to this madness even in California, the Democrats have a real problem on their hands.