( The Vice President of the San Francisco school board, Alison Collins, is facing immense pressure to resign from her role after parroting the woke line that Asians use “white supremacist thinking” to get ahead in life.

It’s just one more example of how far-left radicals discriminate against and demonize Asian Americans as part of their campaign to advance a radical “Black Lives Matter” agenda.

Mayor London Breed and San Francisco officials are calling on Collins to step down after she published a series of unhinged tweets claiming that Asians adopted “white supremacist ideology” by becoming “model minorities.”

Collins appeared to be suggesting that Asians abiding by the law and being overall an extremely peaceful and tolerant community was playing into the “white supremacist” system that is biased against “people of color.”

The tweets, which were published in 2016, also showed Collins’s contempt for Asian Americans who “won’t’ engage in critical race convos unless they see how they are impacted by white supremacy.”

Collins also said that she was aiming to “combat ant-black racism in the Asian community at [her] daughter’s mostly Asian Am school.”

The San Francisco Gate even reported how Collins used the racist term “house n***er.”

“Where are the vocal Asians speaking up against Trump? Don’t Asian Americans know they are on his list as well?” She added, “Do they think they won’t be deported? profiled? beaten? Being a house n****r is still being a n****r. You’re still considered ‘the help,’” she wrote.

The tweets, which were still live as of Sunday night, were brushed off by Collins in a statement claiming that they were “taken out of context.”

But Collins provided no explanation of what context is required for them to be acceptable and not racist towards Asian people.

“But whether my tweets are being taken out of context or not, only tone thing matters right now,” she said on March 20.

“And that is the pain our Asian-American brothers and sisters are experience,” she said, after spending years suggesting Asian Americans are racist.

Collins also appeared to have very little to say about the data showing how Asian Americans are overwhelmingly targeted by Black Americans in violent attacks.

A new campaign is pushing to recall the San Francisco School Board, citing collins as being biased against Asian Americans.

However, it looks like Collins isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The President of the San Francisco School Board, Gabriela Lopez, said that she stands in “solidarity” with Collins.

“This week has been marked by hate and violence. And in this moment of pain, words matter more than ever,” she said.

What does that even mean?

I appreciate that Vice President Collins has apologized for her remarks,” Lopez added. “The board recognizes the hurt that has been caused. Discussions on race and racism create discomfort but when done correctly we contribute to the learning and growth in our community.”

I guess it’s all fine, then…