Russian Soldier Says His Countrymen Are Scared

( In early August, a Russian soldier wrote a memoir on Substack describing the war in Ukraine where he harshly criticized the Putin regime and the Russian military.

In his Substack memoir, Russian paratrooper Pavel Filatyev described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an act of aggression and depicted the Russian soldiers as filthy, hungry, and demoralized.

He wrote harshly about the Russian military and described the low morale among the troops, claiming that 90 percent of them only talk about getting out “as soon as possible.” Filatyev also questioned the legitimacy of the Kremlin’s justifications for invading Ukraine, arguing that a country that can’t defend itself couldn’t possibly pose a threat to Russia.

Filatyev explained that he wrote his piece because the Russian people are too afraid to say what they think.

He bemoaned the lack of nobility and spirituality in Russia, expressing disbelief that the country has once again become serfs. He wrote that despite all the blood shed for freedom, Russians have been enslaved again.

Filatyev was later interviewed by a Russian opposition website where he called out Vladimir Putin’s lies in justifying the war.

He said the Russian soldiers recognize the hypocrisy of the Putin regime, adding that the army doesn’t want to fight in Ukraine, not because the soldiers are afraid, but because they know the government dragged them into a “fatal” and “problematic” war “in which there is no truth.”

The Russian soldiers do not believe they have truth on their side, Filatyev said. He added that the war in Ukraine liberated no one. Instead, all they did was destroy cities and kill many people.