Russian Military Receives Terminator Vehicles For Testing (REPORT)

( On Monday, the Russian military received its first set of NEW “Terminator” tanks set to be deployed for use in warfare after they complete a testing phase.

On December 2, Russian state television aired footage of the new Terminators being used as part of the 90th Tank Division in Chelyabinsk.

Col. Andrey Sigarev, the deputy commander of the division, told Channel One that the unique new tank was a good addition to the Russian military’s assets, boasting unique features.

“The uniqueness of this car is its ability to follow three targets at once with all of its weaponry systems,” he explained.

The Terminator is an impressive piece of machinery, too. Each tank has a supersonic anti-tank missile system onboard, known as “Ataka.” The missile, which is launched directly from each vehicle and requires no additional equipment, can hit targets 6 kilometers away.

Every vehicle can also reach 60 kilometers per hour, is designed to look like the T-90 tank, and are also equipped with double 30mm guns that can take down helicopters.

Oh, and don’t forget the grenade launchers.

The tanks are built on the T-72 battle tank chassis, which was widely used during the Soviet era, and are still used to this day by the Russian and Syrian armies.

Russian state television explained how one Terminator tank can perform the role of six armored vehicles and a team of 40 soldiers in a motorized rifle platoon – despite only being operated by a crew of five people.

Victor Litovkin, a Retired military colonel and military analyst for Russian state news agency Tass, told Defense News that the Terminator is a “universal soldier” that can “independently fight terrorists armed with small arms, grenade launchers and [anti-tank guided missiles], as well as resist tank platoons equipped with UAVs.”

The tanks are also reported to be capable of surviving nuclear blasts and protect soldiers inside from radiation.

Footage of the tanks was released back in 2018, marking the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin for his fourth term.