Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts U.S. Plane And Harasses It

( Military officials representing the United States European Command (EUCOM) revealed that a Russian fighter jet flew over the Barents Seat on Friday, accompanied by a United States military plane. The EUCOM confirmed that the planes met, but safely disengaged.

A spokesperson told Fox that the aircraft “routinely” interact with Russian planes in international airspace and for the most part those interactions are professional and safe. This was apparently another one of those instances.

The United States P-8A Poseidon was met by a Russian MiG-32 fighter plane close to the Russian border and the planes stayed within close proximity until the American pilot turned the plane and left. Russian fighters then returned to their base.

So far, we haven’t been told exactly why there was an American military aircraft on the Russian border, and EUCOM made it clear that they do not provide any information about these kinds of interactions.

However, with the Biden-Putin summit coming up this month, it could be another show of force from the United States in anticipation of tough negotiations.

Well, we say tough…with President Joe Biden doing the talking, it’s hard to believe that President Vladimir Putin will have much difficulty at all.

Officials said that it’s fairly common for American planes to fly along the Russian border, and the head of the United States Forces in North America recently revealed that the number of flights by American planes on the Russian border has recently increased, particularly along the borders with Alaska.

The Pentagon refused to answer any questions about the issue, directing media outlets to EUCOM for comment.

If this really is a show of force, doesn’t it make you wonder what the point is? Russia already knows what military equipment the United States has…it’s the nation’s leadership that Russia has only really needed to worry about. And now with Biden in charge…that’s pretty much a non-issue for them.