Russia Warned U.S. Before Launching Latest Airstrike

( On Friday, the Russian Federation asserted that it had informed the Pentagon earlier this week that it planned to carry out attacks against local fighters in Southern Syria who were supporting the US. As a result of the heads-up, US fighters finally changed their positions, ensuring no American personnel was nearby. It is important to remember that Washington has had a garrison in Al-Tanf, the war-torn nation, for many years.

The event occurs as tensions between the US and its geopolitical rival Russia have risen over the protracted war of attrition in Ukraine and Washington’s unrelenting efforts to defuse the situation.

The notification by Russia was made through the established bilateral deconfliction line, which has been in operation for many years and under which each side notifies the other of military operations and movements that raise the possibility of a miscalculation if each is unaware of the other’s activities. The action attempts to reduce casualties, particularly among local Syrians who are anticipated to get notification from Americans.

Putin’s forces launched aircraft attacks earlier in the week close to the Al-Tanf base. While there haven’t been any reports of injuries, properties have been destroyed, according to local media. The positions where the forces of the US-backed Maghawir al-Thawra fighters (rebels) were operating were shelled.

This follows the seizure of a key ISIS leader by the US Army on Thursday during a military operation in Syria. According to a statement released on June 16 by Operation Inherent Resolve, the coalition led by the US against ISIS, the mission was methodically planned to reduce the chance of collateral damage, especially any potential injury to people.

According to Operation Inherent Resolve, the captured ISIS leader was a skilled bomb maker and facilitator who rose to become one of the organization’s top figures in Syria. The US Army did not immediately disclose the detained ISIS leader’s name or identity. The coalition forces did not specify where the US Army raid occurred or what city it occurred; they merely said that the military action was “successful.”