Russia Seizes One Of World’s Largest Nuclear Plants In Ukraine

( Russian forces have taken full control of the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe. On Friday, Russian troops took control of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine after bombing the facility and causing a fire.

The fire in the training building was extinguished and the plant has been deemed safe, but it prompted the evacuation of staff – and Ukrainian forces – leaving it in the full control of Russian forces. Ukrainian forces didn’t go down without a fight, however.

As the takeover of the plant – which can power as many as 4 million homes – was taking place, Russian forces continued their bombardment of major Ukrainian cities.

The decision to bomb the nuclear power plant his headlines all over the country, and United States Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that it shows just how reckless the invasion has become.

“It just raises the level of potential catastrophe to a level that nobody wants to see,” Kirby told CNN.

Footage of the incident shows just how much damage was done. Russian troops fired at the plant from all sides, raising concerns all over the world that a potential nuclear blast on the site could be several times worse than the Chernobyl incident.

What on earth possessed Vladimir Putin to bomb a nuclear power plant? And does this indicate that Western sanctions on Russia just aren’t tough enough to stop this madman from continuing to bombard Ukraine?

With Russian forces controlling the plant, there’s no telling what they plan on doing next.