Russia Mocks Pentagon Head For Calling Russia “Soviet Union”

( The Russian media was pretty gleeful in its mocking of United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently, after he referred to the country as the “Soviet Union” during a press conference on Thursday.

Austin, a Biden loyalist and already one of the least popular defense secretaries in American history, told the press that he hopes the “Soviet Union” would not invade Ukraine any time soon, prompting Russian news outlets to very quickly begin mocking him.

Russia Today, a state-sponsored news outlet that operates in the United States and Europe, wrote in an article on the same day that the “hammer and sickle could soon be flying back over Ukraine” according to Austin, even though the Soviet Union collapsed roughly three decades ago.

Austin made the comments during a trip to South Korea, where he responded to a journalist’s question about the hundreds of thousands of Russian troops stationed in Russia and close to the border of Ukraine.

Austin said that the best case would be that “we won’t see an incursion by the Soviet Union into Ukraine.”


This is like that time Biden repeatedly referred to former British Prime Minister Theresa May as…Margaret Thatcher.

Official video released by the Pentagon shows that Austin didn’t seem to recognize his mistake and did not correct it.

On December 2, RT’s article was published with the title, “‘Soviet Union’ could invade Ukraine, Pentagon chief claims.”

The United States has very quickly become the laughing stock of the world, and Biden hasn’t been on the job even a year.

And, just in case Secretary Lloyd is reading this, we should point out that the USSR disbanded in 1991. It’s been a little while…