Roy Blunt Urges Trump To Focus On Midterms

( In a somewhat critical message to former President Trump, Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) told NBC’s Chuck Todd that, instead of relitigating the 2020 election, he would prefer Trump put his energy on helping Republicans win in the upcoming Midterms.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd pressed Blunt on some of the statements Trump made during his Saturday speech in North Carolina – specifically surrounding election fraud.

In the interview, Chuck Todd pushed hard on “The Big Lie” narrative – at one point calling out the one in four Republicans who “believe these delusional things” about voter fraud.

Saying of Blunt, “you don’t believe in that nonsense,” Todd pressed the Senator as to why he hasn’t pushed back on Trump “for spreading these falsehoods so much.”

Blunt expressed concern over Americans losing faith in the election system, then shifted gears to discuss “bipartisan” election reform.

Naturally, Chuck Todd shifted right back to “The Big Lie” – demanding to know if Blunt thinks Trump “believes this stuff” or if he is “exploiting” Republicans voters in his attempts to convince them.

Blunt answered that he cannot analyze whether Trump believes what he says or not. Then he went on to analyze what he thinks Trump believes — namely that if the election was fair, Trump could not have possibly lost.

Again, Blunt tried to shift away from Todd’s preferred topic of “The Big Lie” by suggesting that “we” continue to “move forward,” adding that because Trump is so popular in the Republican Party, Blunt would much rather see him get focused on the 2022 Midterm elections.

Not satisfied with Blunt’s answer, Chuck Todd again shifts back to “The Big Lie” narrative – accusing Blunt, and other Republicans, of avoiding pushing back on Trump’s election claims because he is such a popular figure within the Republican Party, accusing Blunt of “surrendering to this nonsense.”

Blunt argues that since he is not seeking reelection, he has no cause to be afraid of pushing back. His point, he tells Todd, is that given Trump’s popularity with Republican voters it would be incredibly helpful if he got focused on 2022 and campaigned against the radical agenda of the Biden Administration while highlighting the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans.

“I hope President Trump puts his energy in that effort,” Blunt concluded.