Ron DeSantis Wants Red States To Unite Against “Woke” ESG Scores


On the episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that aired on Fox News Channel on Wednesday, the Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis argued that conservative states should band together to form a voting bloc restricting the use of ESG (the environmental, social, and governance movement)  in their state pension fund investments so that they can use their considerable combined resources to “check a lot of these ESG votes that are going on throughout corporate America.”

DeSantis made his argument during an appearance on the show hosted by Tucker Carlson.

According to DeSantis, He thinks that you’re going to see some other states do what Florida is doing, and then he’d like to get a lot of the conservative states together and get their proxy voting rights on all of their funds.

“Let’s combine those, and let’s vote as a block,”  he said.

The governor said that if we combine the assets of only the red states, we’d have more than one trillion dollars.

“When you’re talking about that,” he said, “it would make a difference, and as a result, we would be able to check a significant number of the ESG votes that are taking place all throughout corporate America.”

Therefore, he would want to strongly encourage all of the other governors around the nation to, whether they identify as a Republican or a Democrat, join together and fight back against this together so that they can maintain power where it belongs: with the people.

According to DeSantis, the environmental, social, and governance movement endangers the viability of the American economy and Americans’ economic freedom by targeting disfavored individuals and companies to push an awakened ideological agenda.

During the announcement of the new plan on Wednesday, DeSantis stated that leveraging corporate power to impose an ideological agenda on society constitutes a dangerous trend.

DeSantis said that we have seen the corporate elite utilize their economic power to force ideas on the country that they could not achieve at the voting box. This includes Wall Street banks, major asset managers, and large internet businesses. By taking the steps he proposes, they are shielding Floridians from the influence of woke capital and elevating the authority of the constitutional system to a position of preeminence over the power held by ideological corporations.