Ron DeSantis Slams Ilhan Omar After She Tried To Tie Him To Neo-Nazis

( Last weekend, videos appeared on social media showing a tiny group of people wearing swastikas near Orlando, Florida. Naturally, the media seized on the footage as a way to try and smear the state and its Governor of being okay with neo-Nazis.

Christina Pushaw, Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary was asked on Twitter if the governor planned to denounce the tiny group of random idiots. Pushaw asked if she had it straight that if the governor doesn’t fall in lockstep and condemn this tiny group of nobodies in a timely fashion, “he is smeared as a Nazi sympathizer by default?”

Pushaw noted that this wee little band of anti-Semites has apparently been around for two decades, but before the videos were posted to Twitter, she had never heard of them. She said the group, called the “National Socialist Movement” is about two hundred people and it has been “pulling nasty hateful stunts” for years. But, Pushaw noted, the group has nothing to do with the Governor.

But because DeSantis is a Republican and not a Democrat, the media wouldn’t let it go. They continued to demand DeSantis “disavow” the group he has nothing to do with. See, if DeSantis was a Democrat he would never be asked to disavow the anti-Semitic comments of Ilhan Omar or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But he’s a Republican, therefore, any assembled nobodies who fancy themselves Nazis are inextricably linked to him.

So during a press conference last Monday, a reporter demanded that DeSantis respond “to the Nazi demonstration” and asked why DeSantis felt hate groups are comfortable in Florida.

What a stupid way to word the question.

But because Ron DeSantis is a master, he completely flipped the script.

Calling the wee little group of Nazis “some jackasses,” DeSantis said law enforcement would hold them accountable since “they were doing stuff on the overpass.”

Then he shifted gears, pointing out that the people who are using those jackasses to smear him all belong to a party that “has elevated anti-Semites to the halls of Congress, like Ilham Omar” and have “played footsie with the BDS movement.”

DeSantis asked why would the Left “want to elevate a half dozen malcontents” for political gain, adding that the Democrats were creating this controversy as a way to distract from their failures.