Ron DeSantis Responds To 2024 Rumors

( During an appearance on Fox News on Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis, who had just returned from giving a speech in New York City on Sunday, avoided answering multiple questions regarding a 2024 presidential run.

To be clear, DeSantis has never mentioned that he is running for president or even considering doing so. However, he never once said that he wasn’t going to run either.

When confronted with the question, the Republican governor of Florida hedged and said that the reason his name continues appearing on a list of probable GOP candidates is due to his track record in Florida. After that, he joked about how it would be “useless” to continue pressuring him on the issue. At one point, he responded with “good try” when he was asked directly if he would forego a presidential run if former President Donald Trump sought another term in office.

DeSantis stated that he has just been “focused on the business at hand” as governor, despite his contention that some people have been plotting a run for office even since the 2020 elections were concluded.

DeSantis has become a top-rated attraction in Republican circles. He has held fundraisers and appearances across the country, which could aid him if he decides to run for office.

Instead of waiting until 2028, when he will no longer be governor of Florida and may be less visible in the public eye, DeSantis should consider running for president in 2024. It will be crucial to see what occurs in 2022. DeSantis’ goal isn’t only to secure a second term in office. He’s made it abundantly clear that he intends to put an end to the Democrats’ significance in Florida.

DeSantis said he thinks the Republicans have the opportunity to have a massive red wave. He’s bragged that Republicans will win victories all the way down the ballot, from congressional seats to school board contests.

DeSantis has a vision. His objective is to take Florida off the board as a swing state. He wants Florida to be solidly red, and he wants to be the leader that makes that happen.