Ron DeSantis May Have Covid, After Latest Video Found

( Speculation is growing among left-wing news outlets that popular Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, may have caught COVID-19. The speculation came after people saw the governor visibly out of breath during a recent press conference.

During a press conference last Wednesday in Kissimee, Osceola County, Governor DeSantis announced that around $10 million has been allocated to assist with the production of semiconductors and microchips as well as other tech manufacturing efforts in the county. It comes at a time of global semiconductor shortages and could prove an important new manufacturing opportunity for the United States.

A video of DeSantis at the press conference went viral, with people arguing that he was struggling to finish his own sentences and looked as though he could have come down with COVID-19.

Take a look at the clip for yourself:

The question is…even if DeSantis is still overcoming a COVID infection, which can linger even after a person is no longer contagious, why does it matter? Everyone else is catching it right now.

Rumors also circulated over the Christmas period that DeSantis may have been infected, simply because he wasn’t seen in public for a while – however, DeSantis is also helping his wife at home deal with her chemotherapy treatment.

“Chemotherapy is not a vacation,” DeSantis said recently, hitting back at people who criticized his brief and sudden absence over Christmas.

When you take a look at the video, it does look as though DeSantis is struggling to speak – but who’s to say it’s not something other than COVID? Perhaps DeSantis just had some bad news that he’s trying to deal with, perhaps he’s stressed, perhaps he has a cold. Or, maybe he’s just having a bad day.