Ron DeSantis Fights Back, Says It’s Not Ok To Hate White People

( When it comes to the DeSantis versus Trump question, there is no doubt where conservative columnist Ann Coulter stands.

Coulter left Team Trump even before the 2020 election. And now, she just wants the man to go away.

Two weeks ago, Coulter penned a column titled “The Message in the Polls: Trump’s Done” in which she described an email she received from Roger Stone decrying the fact that Ron DeSantis refuses to take “the pledge” not to run against Donald Trump in 2024.

According to Coulter, the people on Trump’s email list who received Stone’s email must not have been too pleased because a week later, Stone sent another email “frantically backpeddling” and saying “many” recipients were “surprised” by his attacks on DeSantis.

Coulter argues that Trump is “fading faster than Sarah Palin did.” And while he can still attract a crowd for his rallies, Coulter describes those in attendance as “die-hard fans” that are “like Deadheads, following him from venue to venue.”

With Coulter off Team Trump, Team DeSantis is the logical choice.

In her latest column, “DeSantis Shocker; It’s Not OK To Hate Whites,” Coulter praises DeSantis for pushing back against “the modern pedagogy of making little girls cry because they’re white.”

She outlines the bill DeSantis is pushing through the legislature called the “Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees” Act (or Stop WOKE Act).

Then she offers up some of the histrionic (and inaccurate) headlines from the corporate news media that always lights its hair on fire over everything DeSantis does. And there are some doozies.

Coulter then offers up more than enough evidence of how widespread this effort to demonize white people has become.

It’s clear from her column that Coulter has been waiting for a Republican to fight back against this coordinated effort to teach people to hate white people. And DeSantis is the one who finally states the obvious: It’s not okay to hate whites.

Speaking of DeSantis. After a few racist dopes were discovered in Florida this week, Governor DeSantis blasted the media for trying to hang them around the neck of Republicans. His response is masterful:

As syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly pointed out on Twitter, this is how Republicans should respond to these kinds of slander by not letting the media frame the narrative.