Ron DeSantis Defended Ukrainian Aid, Saying He’s Like Reagan 

( Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has consistently backed the taxpayer-funded aid packages that have prolonged and escalated the conflict in Ukraine, bringing the United States and the world closer to the brink of World War 3. 

However, since he is preparing for a presidential run in 2024, politically, he says he is against US intervention and aid for Ukraine in their war against Russia. The Governor seems to be hoping that his previous interventionist attitude on the Russo-Ukrainian War will be forgotten as support for Ukraine and its globalist government wanes among Republican voters and even some Democrats.  

Reversing his position as a member of Congress, where he criticized the interventionist Obama Administration for not being interventionist enough, DeSantis has recently said that the Russo-Ukrainian War is a “territorial dispute” between the two nations and that the United States shouldn’t be involved. 

After the 2014 Soros-backed revolution, in which Crimea voted by more than 90% to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, Congressman DeSantis voted for the “Ukraine Support Act.” This act solidified America’s “support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Ukraine through media manipulation, public-private partnerships, and, of course, military aid and financial aid. 

When military confrontations in rebel territories like Donetsk were very heated the following year, DeSantis told radio host Bill Bennett that the Obama Administration didn’t adequately intensify American participation in the fight. DeSantis said he had been “urging” Obama to “send armaments to Ukraine.” DeSantis has said that arming the Ukrainian people would send Vladimir Putin a “strong signal” that he should not take the conflict any further. 

DeSantis likened himself to Ronald Reagan in 2017, a year when non-interventionism suddenly became de rigueur amongst the GOP through the MAGA movement, and he criticized Democrats for not doing more to support Ukraine while claiming that “people like myself” are “tough on Russia.” 

DeSantis has joined the uni-party in praising Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been widely criticized for saying that Americans are willing to “die” to protect his administration, despite his recent claims to be opposed to US participation and help in Ukraine.