Ron DeSantis Challenger Says She Won’t Back Banning Masks In Schools

( Nikki Fried, one of the Democrat candidates looking to unseat popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, has come out against the idea of implementing a state-wide mask mandate.

Presumably aware of the fact that Florida is one of the most pro-freedom states in the country, Fried appears to be attempting to win over independent voters who lean conservative.

But will anybody honestly believe a Democrat, these days, will side with freedom when given the opportunity to side with their party on authoritarian measures like COVID lockdowns, social distancing, and mask mandates?

Speaking on Monday, the gubernatorial hopeful told CNN’s “New Day” that she would not implement any state-level laws that would require the people of Florida to wear masks. However, she did leave open the possibility for schools to mandate masks themselves, saying that the governor should empower local governments and schools to make decisions themselves.

So, to sum this up, she supports mask mandates as long as they don’t come from her as the governor. And, given that some school boards have already indicated that they support mandates, Fried can say this without risking losing the support of conservative-leaning voters.

Or at least, she thinks.

She also claimed that corporations and local governments got Florida through the pandemic in 2020, but that Governor DeSantis has “handicapped our local communities” by not allowing them to put in place any restrictions. It was yet another indication that Fried is not a freedom-minded gubernatorial candidate, but just another Biden Democrat.

Florida, along with other southern states, has suffered a recent surge in COVID-19 cases as a result of the influx of one million illegal aliens over the southern border since the beginning of the Biden presidency.

Democrats have attempted to claim that Governor DeSantis’ policies are to blame, but everyone knows that isn’t true.