Romney Admits That No One Knows Where Putin’s Invasion Will End

( Mitt Romney is “generally pleased” with President Biden’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine.

During his virtual news conference with Utah reporters last Wednesday, the nominal Republican Senator said he agreed with Biden that the United States needed to honor its commitment to defend NATO, adding that there was no guarantee Putin wouldn’t try to push his military forces into the NATO countries bordering Ukraine.

Romney also had gushing praise for Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky whom he compared to Winston Churchill. But Romney was quick to add that the US would not be going to war against Russia to defend Ukraine because “we do not have a treaty agreement with them.”

Romney said the United States needed to be less reliant on Russian oil, adding that to maintain the sanctions over a long period, the US needs to boost its domestic energy production.

He also said the federal government needs to speed up the approval process for green energy, like solar and wind farms, as well as carbon recapture. He said if the government can speed up the approval of COVID vaccines, it can do the same for “renewables and other ways to reduce carbon emissions.”

The clueless Romney also expressed disappointment that during his State of the Union speech Joe Biden didn’t recognize the need to rein in federal spending.

Has Mitt Romney been in a coma for the last year? Why would he think Joe Biden and his administration would suddenly become deficit hawks after spending a year trying to force through the $5 trillion “Build Back Better” welfare spending bill?

Naturally, Mitt also took some time out to slam Republican Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene for their “repugnant and repulsive” heckling of President Biden during his State of the Union address.

He accused the pair of only pretending to fight for their constituents while being more interested in “performing.” He said if Boebert and Greene really wanted to fight for their constituents, they would be trying to work with Democrats to pass laws that improve the lives of Americans.