Robin DiAngelo SILENT Over Being Paid More Than Black Female Speaker At Same Event

( Left-wing extremist author Robin DiAngelo, who famously penned the race-baiting book “White Fragility,” reportedly earned more money than a black woman to speak at the same diversity forum.

The Washington Free Beacon revealed how DiAngelo spoke at the University of Wisconsin-Madison annual Diversity Forum, representing the Harry Walker Agency. DiAngelo, who is white, was reportedly paid 70% more for her speech at the same event than another black female speaker representing the same agency.

The outlet claimed that DiAngelo received $12,750 to speak at the event, while Channing Brown received $7,500. They were the only two speakers at the event, and the far-left author of White Fragility has yet to explain why she was willing to accept more money than a black speaker at the event.

The rest of the country knows why, of course. Since her book went viral, DiAngelo has raked in a huge amount of cash touring the country and lecturing people about how terrible white people are. DiAngelo now charges anywhere up to $30,000 to give a speech of up to 90 minutes. She also received some $2 million in book sales.

That’s a lot of money for a white woman who openly admits that white people are inherently racist. Shouldn’t she be paying out that cash to black people for reparations?

The forum has existed for more than 20 years now and each year attracts more than 1,000 attendees. This year, the event was hosted via video conference, meaning that DiAngelo didn’t even need to travel to make her massive speaking fee.

Interestingly, however, DiAngelo’s speech has not been published online like virtually every other speech that was made at the event.

The Free Beacon said that neither Brown nor DiAngelo responded when asked for comment.

Why is DiAngelo silent about receiving more money than her female black colleagues?

The media outlet revealed the size of the fees through a public information request, and described the incident as the “latest example of the exorbitant rates DiAngelo charges for public lectures on ‘antiracism’ and ‘white fragility.’”