Rick Scott Runs to Replace Mitch McConnell as Senate Minority Leader

The nature of politics in the United States is increasingly volatile. As the 2024 presidential election fast approaches, the political polarization within America is only likely to worsen. The incumbent president Joe Biden appears increasingly likely to be set up to face the former 45th President Donald Trump in a rematch of the 2020 presidential contest. Currently, polls showcase both men being locked in a near dead heat. In a recent poll by Emerson released in the month of May, Trump currently leads Biden by two points, with numbers showing Trump with 46% support to Bidens 44%. This is not significant, as polls are usually quite misleading, and the election remains several months away. Regardless, many reports by other entities continue to showcase similar results, with Trump and Biden often tied, or with Biden or Trump enjoying very small leads. The reality is that these numbers are unlikely to shift- the country is deadlocked in a cultural battle and not many people are moving sides.

Many Americans are rightfully worried about the upcoming election. In a recent article published by The Hill, two thirds, or about 68% of Americans surveyed stated they are worried about political violence following election day of 2024. The respondents, polled in a report by Reuters in the middle of May, 33% said they strongly agreed with the statement that read that extremists would commit acts of violence. 35% said that they would somewhat agree with that statement. Things are certainly tumultuous and volatile in the United States.

In the GOP, a recent announcement was made that may be beneficial to the party. Rick Scott, a Senator from Florida, recently announced he will run to replace Mitch McConnell as the party leader. Scott published a “12 point Plan” to save America that outlined conservative policy positions and a clear agenda for the GOP. It was a refreshing statement for a party that has often lacked direction.