RFK Jr. Sees Polling Boost In Key State

According to a poll released on Sunday, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. won a sizable share of the vote in six crucial swing states in 2024, placing him third behind ex-President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the current president.

Kennedy, who quit the Democrat Party, scored over 20% approval in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. He scored 24% spanning all six states compared to Trump’s 35% and Biden’s 33%, according to a New York Times/Sienna College survey issued Nov. 5.

Despite Kennedy’s lack of popularity, his campaign significantly impacted the poll results, with Biden just winning one state, Trump winning three, and Biden and Trump tied in two.

The poll found that Biden defeated Trump in Wisconsin by a margin of 2 points, with Kennedy receiving support from 22% of likely voters.

Three-way polls showed Trump topping Biden in Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada. The former president defeated Biden 36%–29% in Georgia, while Kennedy earned 24%. Trump beat Biden by 3 points in Michigan, while Kennedy had 26%. Trump defeated Biden 38 percent to 31 percent in Nevada. Kennedy scored 23%.

The survey shows Trump and Biden deadlocked in Pennsylvania and Arizona with Kennedy on the ballot. Trump and Biden share 33% in Arizona, with Kennedy at 26%. The prior and current presidents had 35% approval in Pennsylvania, whereas Kennedy had 23%.

According to the survey, the third-party candidate earned the most independent votes (39%), ahead of Biden (28%) and Trump (25%).

According to reports, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has spoken out in favor of reparations for African Americans. The contentious plan is an attempt to atone for slavery.

On his campaign website, under the headings Civil Rights and Racial Healing, he argues that federal tax money must be allocated to black infrastructure.

The following section, which seems to have been removed, was where Kennedy explained his idea to compensate the heirs of Jim Crow victims alongside additional victims of persecution by direct payments or tax credits.