RFK Jr. Fighting to Get a Spot at Presidential Debate

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is still fighting to claim a spot at one of the upcoming presidential debates.

He continues to claim that the two main candidates in the race — Democratic President Joe Biden and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump — don’t want him to be part of the debate stage or “talk about the issues” that the American public is very concerned about.

On a recent episode of “The Big Weekend Show” on Fox News, many of the co-hosts sided with RFK Jr. They said that the current American political system where only two major parties stand a chance at winning isn’t good for most people in the country.

Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery, for one, said:

“A two-party system, it is not working.”

And Tom Shillue, a contributor to Fox News, added:

“I think it would help both parties if we had not just a third, but maybe a fourth and a fifth [political party]. I’m serious about that. When you look at European elections and European parties, imagine if you had that style here, if you had the moderate Democrats, you had the socialist Democrats, you had MAGA Republicans, then you got the neocons and maybe Libertarians.”

RFK Jr. appeared on the “Sunday Morning Futures” program on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo. He predicted that he would qualify for the threshold of 270 electoral votes to make his way onto the presidential ballot in November.

As he said:

“These candidates say that they want to end the polarization, but they have no way to do that, they’re actually feeding into it. I don’t think it’s good for democracy if we don’t have presidential debates. And I think the candidates ought to debate.”

RFK Jr. has widely been disregarded as a serious candidate, especially early on. Now, though, more people are starting to at least pay him a little bit of attention.

Griff Jenkins, the national correspondent for Fox News, commented about RFK Jr.:

“He stayed in there, and he has a very specific sort of platform. Trump paints him as a radical because of his climate change positions and stuff. A lot of Libertarians [are] attracted to him because he ain’t going to get that COVID shot, and that won some people over from various corners that might not be attracted to a candidate like that.

“As a voter … I’d like to see him in the debates. And he’s making a pretty valid point, saying, ‘I looked at CNN’s qualifications polling threshold. I’m going to be on the ballot.’”

The first presidential debate is scheduled for June 27 at 9 p.m. ET. It will be held in CNN’s studios in Atlanta, and will be moderated by CNN anchors Dana Bash and Jake Tapper.

It won’t be held in front of a live audience, the network announced, so as to maximize the time that each candidate has to speak.