Research Says Vehicle Likely to Reveal Owner’s Political Choice

In modern times, it increasingly appears as if every single issue in the United States has become “politicized”. Indeed, it appears that every single thing a person may do, ranging from the clothes they buy, coffee they drink, food they eat, or shows they watch may have political connotations. According to a recent Ipsos survey, a person’s automobile choice could be reflective of their political leanings. The report found that individuals who drove pickup trucks were more likely to be conservative leaning, while individuals who drove electric vehicles were more likely to lean Democrat.

A report by the Environmental Defense Fund Action, though, may state otherwise. In an article by CNN, the report alleges that not all electric vehicle owners are Democrats. In nine of 31 states, more Republicans are linked to electric vehicle ownership than Democrats.

Regardless, the cost of an electric vehicle alone is often a significantly prohibitive factor when considering ownership. The average electric car in the United States costs about $53,000, which is not much more expensive than some new gas powered vehicles. Additionally, the reliability of these vehicles is also questionable. In colder weather, the batteries of these vehicles are also known to malfunction. Additionally, for individuals who drive significant distances, an electric vehicle may just not be practical, as the range of a vehicle like this often is significantly reduced in winter months and even in summer months may not exceed 300 miles. In a report originally published during the winter months of 2024, in the city of Chicago, electric vehicle owners struggled significantly to keep their cars charged. The problem was exacerbated as charging stations still remain few and far between, and lines to charge the cars were quite long. One owner even reported the cars battery being reduced by 15% in just a half hour period, a significantly worrisome development. Only time will tell what ultimately becomes of the electric vehicle “fad”.