Republican Says Democrats Facilitating Illegal Immigrant Entry

According to Republican Arizona Representative Eli Crane‘s interview with Newsmax on May 22nd, the United States has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people crossing the border illegally since President Joe Biden assumed office. Crane attributed this to the fact that even illegal immigrants are aware that the Democrat Party would help them get access to the nation.

Earlier in the day, several Republicans in the Senate voted against a Biden-supported measure that would have allowed four thousand illegal border crossings each day. The Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, dismissed it as a ploy and predicted that his conservative colleagues would reject it.

The American people are now beginning to realize the Biden administration’s true intentions, according to Crane, a member of the Homeland Security Committee.

According to Crane, then-candidate Biden made it clear at several campaign rallies that the United States should be able to accommodate anybody who feels oppressed and wants to come here.  He went on to say that the Democrats would have backed HR 2, the most comprehensive and hardest law on border security that had ever passed Capitol Hill if the country was really committed to safeguarding its borders.

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson (LA) stated Thursday that the more harsh GOP immigration plan, HR2, which did not have the support of the Democrats, should have been passed by Congress instead.

Congressional Democrats are trying to cover up their embrace of President Biden’s open border policies by attempting to throw a Hail Mary in this election year, after a little over three years of arguing that what was happening at US/Mexico border wasn’t a crisis, according to Johnson.

According to Numbers USA, in 2023, the Border Patrol alone released almost one million migrants, bringing the total number of migrants freed into the interior close to 1.4 million.

Around 850,000 tourists entered the nation illegally in 2022 and overstayed their visas.

In fiscal year 2022, 1,018,349 people were granted permanent resident status.

Employers take advantage of the underground workforce, which includes 670,000 illegal migrants, since the E-Verify online service does not compel them to prove their work permission.