Republican Congressmen Faced with $5,000 Fines

( Two Republican members of the House of Congress were hit with hefty $5,000 fines last week after they bypassed a new security screening system designed at the entrance of the chamber. It comes after the January 6 riots that saw gangs of far-left and far-right extremists illegally gain entry to the Capitol Building.

Representatives Loui Gohmert of Texas and Andrew Clyde of Georgia, according to the Washington Post, are the first lawmakers to be fined for bypassing the new measures that were put in place on Tuesday. Democrats voted along party lines to implement the new measures, as their party continues to push the narrative that Republicans “incited” a “violent insurrection” in the Capitol.

Rep. Gohmert, who has served his district since 2005, published a statement on Friday explaining how he has complied with the metal detector requirements put in place and was fined because he had to briefly use the bathroom located in the Speaker’s lobby.

Democrats using technicalities to punish Republicans over politics? Never!

“At no time until yesterday did anyone mention the need to be wanded after entering the restroom directly in front of the guards,” he said. “The three main entrances have metal detectors, but the House floor entrance from the Speakers’ Lobby does not.”

Gohmert said that he originally went around the metal detectors “a few times” until it was then mandated.

“I explained to the Capitol Police officer that I had never been required to be screened again from the restroom immediately by the House floor since the metal detectors had been in place at the doors,” he added. “I said they had witnessed me walk the few feet to the men’s room, enter and take the few steps back. No one ever mentioned or made that a requirement until yesterday.”

Gohmert added that, unlike the movie “The Godfather,” there are “no toilets with tanks where one could hide a gun.”

Rep. Clyde of Georgia, who was first elected to Congress in November last year, also spoke to Fox News about the new screening. He said that the metal detectors are used to “detain” members, which is a “violation of Article 1 Section 6 of the Constitution.”

Clyde explained how the Constitution says members “cannot be impeded” when going to the floor to vote, and that the metal detectors impede them.

Both congressmen said they would fight the fine, but if they’re caught again, the new rules may require they pay a $10,000 fine.

Should Clyde take the fight to the courts on constitutional grounds, it will raise the issue of whether security screenings could impede members when attending the House to vote. And if those security screenings take too long…that could prove a problem for Pelosi and her Democrats.