Republican Congressman Dies Suddenly

( Former Republican Rep. Todd Akin, who ran for Senate in 2012 but ultimately failed after he made a controversial comment about rape, sadly passed away on Sunday at the age of 74.

The Associated Press reported that Akin’s son Perry confirmed his passing, describing how he had been battling with cancer for a number of years.

He passed away with family in his Wildwood, Missouri home.

Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, currently an analyst for MSNBC, spoke of Akin’s passing on Twitter.

“I just learned that Todd Akin has died. He was a nice man, and although we had major disagreements about just about everything, he was authentic to his beliefs,” she said.

“He actually believed in everything he said, which is a tribute to his character. My thoughts are with his lovely family,” she added.

Akin represented the 2nd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives for 12 years, announcing in May 2011 that he would step down from his position to challenge Senator McCaskill for the Senate seat.

His controversial “rape” comment came when he was asked by a television reporter whether he supported abortion for women who have been raped. He responded by suggesting that pregnancies caused by rape are “really rare” and that if it is a “legitimate rape” then the female body has “ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

The perhaps ill-judged comment certainly lost him a lot of support.

Far-left radical “Brooklyn Dad” demonstrated just how hateful the modern left can be, taking to Twitter to mock his death.

“Todd Akin, the guy who invented the idiotic phrase ‘legitimate rape,’ has just discovered what ‘legitimate death’ looks like firsthand,” he said.

Can you ever imagine saying something quite so hateful?

RIP Todd Akin.