Republican AG Starts Screaming At MAGA Protestors

( During last Thursday’s Arizona Republican Senate debate, Attorney General Mark Brnovich took a torch to some hecklers who kept interrupting him when he was speaking.

Brnovich had taken several shots from his Republican rivals who criticized the Attorney General for not doing enough about the allegations of voter fraud in Arizona during the 2020 election.

Challenger Mick McGuire told the crowd that the state’s “chief law enforcement officer” has reason to open an investigation into the 2020 election. He pointed out that someone on the stage has the power to do that and until he (Brnovich) does he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

When Brnovich finally had an opportunity to respond to McGuire’s attack, a small group in the audience began to boo and heckle him.

At first, Brnovich tried to settle the hecklers down, pointing out that, for conservatives, “the Constitution matters.”

He defended his actions as Attorney General, explaining that the AG’s office had twenty criminal cases it was pursuing related to the 2020 election. But the band of hecklers just kept going.

Brnovich tried to soft approach, noting that he is respecting them so the least they could do is treat him with respect and let him finish answering.

The band of hecklers refused. So Brnovich had enough. He told the butt-hurt hecklers “if the truth hurts, then just shut the hell up” and let him talk.

This prompted a roar of approval from most of the audience as the hecklers continued to boo.

If he added “Go home to Mommy,” Trump just might have pulled his endorsement from Blake Masters and endorsed Brnovich instead.