Reporter Reveals Exactly What’s Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s New TV Series

( Twice-failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea are starring in a new Apple TV+ program. A Daily Caller reporter watched the entire thing before it was published, so we didn’t have to.

Kay Smythe will review every episode of the Clintons’ new program, “Gutsy.”
And she wanted us to know in advance that she is unequivocally not suicidal. She doesn’t take any prescription medications. She doesn’t drive, and her boyfriend’s truck is in great shape.

Smythe had low expectations for Gutsy since the name and advertising made her roll her eyes. She had no desire to listen to women like Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, and Amy Schumer whine and prevaricate about their self-indulged entitlement.

Her expectations were met.

Overall, Smythe found Gutsy was nothing more than a far-leftist, fly-on-the-wall attempt at macro-psychosocial brainwashing of anyone who disagrees with the Clinton Cult.

The Daily Caller reporter found that Clinton’s interviews were exploitative. Clinton utilized people’s suffering, heartbreak, and blunders to depict herself as a divinity.  But she appeared as a scary cult leader who couldn’t read where America was politically.

According to Smythe, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s chats were divisive. They pointed fingers at everyone they didn’t like while making not-so-subtle attempts to label people on the right as wrong, evil, and, frankly, Neo-Nazis. She may believe that her godlessness and harsh superiority would be concealed under the flash and glam of a self-proclaimed celebrity, but she could not be more wrong.

Smythe stated that if one wants to contribute to America’s demise, watch Apple TV+ on Friday and sit through Gutsy.

Smythe offers the Cliff Notes and cheat sheets on what the radical left is thinking, feeling, and planning, exclusively at the Daily Caller.

While it’s great to find someone who will wade into hostile territory and ‘take one for the team,’ you should always take a peek for yourself to confirm.